January 20, 2009

Open Letter to Barack Obama


Fun time is over. Get to work!

January 01, 2009

Examiner - New York Theatre, Producer

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There's an old joke. A lost tourist in Times Square stops a passerby and asks "How do you get to Carnegie Hall?" To which the passerby responds, "Practice. Practice. Practice"

But what about Broadway? How does an aspiring producer, singer, dancer, actor, writer, composer, patron, enthusiast, and, yes, tourist get to Broadway? And which show would you choose when you get there?

As an examiner at Examiner.com, I hope to answer these questions or at least propose some options and alternatives. From reviews of the latest big thing to the inside scoop on the next big thing, this is the place to find out about the many kinds of theatre in New York City (Broadway, Off, Off Off, and even Waaayyy Off.)

There are many roads to the Great White Way (and many of them, like the road to Carnegie Hall include a great deal of practice). Which road you travel is entirely up to you and perhaps Lady Luck. This examiner hopes to give you a sense of the sights along each way before you load up the car or hire the babysitter.

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December 31, 2008

Danny's Little Tax Deduction

Just in time.....

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